Marine Video

You can see what is happening on board and around your vessel at any time, from anywhere in the world, 24/7!

Demo version
For office

SCS provides a real-time video view of the vessel, as well as provides an opportunity to see what happened yesterday, a week ago, or at any time and date that interests you.

Manage the fleet, relying not only on trust in the captain and the crew, but seeing the work of the ship with your own eyes.

On board

SCS provides the boatmaster with the ability to observe blind spots around the vessel, as well as accurately estimate the distances from the sides to any objects surrounding it.

The navigator gains a clear understanding of the dimensions of the object he controls, as well as the relative position relative to other objects around him.

No need for a report from the deck about the distance to the berth or other mooring object (ship’s parking sensors)

Easy to

The magnetic radio remote control, which can be positioned in any convenient place of the cockpit, provides switching between camera angles and changes the brightness of the monitor.

Stay up to date

Stay up to date

Data storage
60 days
You always have access to the video archive.
Number of ships
One ship or the entire fleet is up to you.
Camera options
1-6 pieces
Stern or bow view, 360 °, machine, winch, or all together? You choose the angles you need.
SCS does not require a permanent internet connection!

The system records 24/7. When the vessel appears in the coverage area of any GSM operator, the system will transfer the recorded video data to the ground data center. where it can be viewed by the owner of the vessel or users who have access from anywhere in the world.

Installation time
4 hours, 2 people
Picture quality
FullHD (1920x1080px)
Number of angles
1-6 pieces
Camera protection class
Yes (infrared light)

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